Use AI & Data Analysis Plugin

Open-source Algorithms

Here you’ll find a collection of Python algorithms for data conversion, image processing, data classification, and more, all of which are ready to be loaded into the ScienceDesk Data Automation platform.

Feel free to share your own project ideas or upload your own plugins too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always count on our expert team to provide an algorithm that suits your specific needs.

List of Data Plugins

Auto BRUCKER X-RAY importerDownloadGithub
Auto VAMAS importDownloadGithub
OpenCV Bacteria counterDownloadGithub
Deep learning SEM image classificationDownloadGithub
Time-of-Flight SIMS Principal ComponentDownloadGithub
Auto excel to CSV converterDownloadGithub
Auto ORGIN importDownloadGithub
Auto ACMS data importDownloadGithub
Sdesk wavelet threshold detectorDownloadGithub
Auto GWYD microscope image importDownloadGithub
Auto IGOR project importDownloadGithub
Auto IGOR data importDownloadGithub
Auto MATLAB binary data importDownloadGithub
Sdesk wavelet peak detectorDownloadGithub