About us

We are scientists.

Our story

The ScienceDesk management system is based on experiences we’ve gathered during years working in research and development. Throughout our carriers, we have noticed that most researchers employ outdated technology for everyday tasks at their labs and offices.

We understand that the environment often dictates procedures and that scientists are too overwhelmed with their research to look for workflow alternatives. As a result, scientists lose precious time, resources and energy. We know; we have been there, too.

Research cycles could be made twice as fast and more efficient by using modern data management technology, data analysis, network theory, artificial intelligence, image recognition and many more advanced tools.

New discoveries could be developed through batch analysis of large volumes of experimental data. Overhead tasks such as creating plots and documentation could be easily automatized. Many of our fellow colleagues know this, but the barrier to incorporating new technology into their daily routines remains high.

ScienceDesk’s mission is to lower this barrier. We combine advanced data processing technology with the most moderns usability concepts. Scientists will be able to take advantage of the full potential of experimental data and save time in their daily work.

Ultimately, ScienceDesk has the ambitious goal to bring the workflow of researchers, group leaders, professors and directors into the 21st century.

Our Team

Meet our team of technology and science professionals.

Dr. Carlos Viol Barbosa CEO

Researcher physicist with broad experience in numerous inter­national facilities and experimental techniques

Dr. Lukas Wolmann Developer

Theoretical chemist with ex­pe­ri­ence in analysis and simu­lation of industry-relevant materials.

Thiago Cangussu Sys Architet

Computer Scientist working more than ten years in software development and IT management.

Stephan Meschke Director

Business developer and entrepreneur with focus on research and technology transfer.

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