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Our story

ScienceDesk was founded in autumn 2017. Our concept is based on experiences we’ve gathered during years working in research and development. Throughout our carriers, we have noticed that most researchers employ outdated technology for everyday tasks at their labs and offices. As a result, organizations waste  precious time, resources and energy.

Research and tests cycles could be made twice as fast and more efficient by using modern data management technology, artificial intelligence and image recognition. Many of our fellow colleagues know this, but the barrier to incorporating new technology into their daily routines remains high.

ScienceDesk’s mission is to lower this barrier. We combine advanced data processing technology with the most modern usability concepts. Engineers and scientists  will be able to take advantage of the full potential of experimental data and save time in their daily work.

Why us?

ScienceDesk understands the work environment and practical necessities in experimental research.

  • We collect the relevant information about the  handling of experimental data and documentation in your organization.
  • We analyze samples of your data to get better understanding of your processes and to suggest solutions that meets your demands.
  • ScienceDesk designs a plan of action to homogenize and prepare your data, and sets the milestones of the digitalization project.

ScienceDesk work with short iteration cycles.

Following the best practices of Agile Management, in the end of a cycle, you will receive a functional piece of software. This approach guarantees that your software solution is developed into the correct direction and can always be expanded.

It is very important for us to receive feedback from our clients. We always pursue a relationship where we can learn together and be partners,  creating an environment for new ideas and new projects.

Our Skills

Our team combines many years of experience in material science with IT knowledge.

Database Designing
Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Browser-based Apps

Our Team

Meet the professionals behind ScienceDesk.

Dr. Carlos Viol Barbosa CEO

Researcher engineer and physicist with broad experience in numerous inter­national lab facilities. He carried out research on several materials at the Max Planck Institute in Halle and in Dresden, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Ehrenfried Zschech

Department Head for Microelectronic Materials and Nanoanalysis at Fraunhofer Institute IKTS in Dresden, Germany. He brings to ScienceDesk his large experience in bridging research, industry and education.

Thiago Cangussu

Computer Scientist working more than ten years in software development and cloud solutions. He transforms new technologies into practical solutions in ScienceDesk.

Stephan Meschke

Business developer and entrepreneur with focus on knowledge and technology transfer.

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