Research Data Management


Materials Science

With our AI and Data analytics plugins, you can

Automate your Research

ScienceDesk makes it easy for non-experts to apply data analytics and AI algorithms to data sets of virtually any size. You can also create and use data plugins to find correlations between materials synthesis and sample properties.

Classify your data

ScienceDesk offers a quick and convenient way to classify experimental data with automated labelling and measurement validation. Machine learning presents a leap forward in leveraging content-based classification to manage data at scale.

Consolidate your data

ScienceDesk seamlessly converts all your data into your preferred format to keep your content organized and achieve seamless interoperability with your existing systems. That way, you no longer have to keep waiting for consensus on data formats.

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Software Overview

Material Management


Unique identifiers and QR codes make it easy to identify and locate samples at any time.


Complete integration of material samples and experimental data streamlines your processes.


Customizable templates make it easy to describe properties, and share and track changes.

Digital Templates

ScienceDesk uses the Data Template format to digitize sample properties and experimental parameters, along with their physical attributes. You can also download and share templates from the Data Template repository.