From Algorithm to Software in Minutes

ScienceDesk helps data scientists and machine learning engineers to deliver a functional software application to their customers rather than just source code.  Algorithm developers can set a web app with one click and costumers can easily evaluate the solutions.

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Instantaneous Web Interface for Your Code

Insert 4 lines into your code.

Few clicks and you can generate a link to run your algorithm.

Your customer will better appreciate your work when presented as an interactive software.

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Well-known AI Algorithms

Explore these examples of open source algorithms. Click to run it.

Zero Software Engineering Costs and Save Time


Develop Anywhere


  • Develop your code in any platform and upload the final algorithm and models to ScienceDesk.


  • With one click, you will deploy your solution and serve a web app to run it.


Build your Application using Plugins


  • Embed your algorithms as ScienceDesk plugins to share and reuse your code.


  • Your customers can run but cannot see your algorithms, unless you grant them access.


Batteries Included


  • You only need additional few lines in your algorithm to exchange inputs and outputs.


  • ScienceDesk generates an app with a relational database, data uploaders, input forms, etc. in a user-friendly interface for your customer.

Create your own AI SaaS

Perform a Service, sell a Product


  • ScienceDesk works in cloud providing an API to your algorithms.


  • You are free to use different user interfaces and create a SaaS products from your algorithms.