Transform your Code into a Software in Minutes

ScienceDesk helps data scientists and machine learning engineers to deliver a functional software application to their customers, rather than just algorithms.  Developers can easily configure  modifiable apps to be used for different solutions, without extra costs and saving time for the costumer.

Deliver a working software

Your customer will better appreciate your work when delivered as an interactive software rather than a tedious report. Moreover, unless your customers are skillful programmers, they will prefer an app with an interface focused on the solution of their challenges to get instant results.

Zero Software Engineering Costs and Save Time


Develop Anywhere


  • Write your code and build your models on any platform; Jupyter, AWS, IBM, SAS JMP, etc.


  • ScienceDesk will deploy your solution and serve a web app from it


Build your Application using Plugins


  • Embed your algorithms as ScienceDesk plugins to share and reuse your code.


  • ScienceDesk helps you to monetize your algorithms.


Batteries Included


  • You only need to upload your code and models.


  • ScienceDesk generates an app with a relational database, data uploaders, input forms, etc. in a user-friendly interface for your customer.

Create your own AI SaaS

Perform a Service, sell a Product


  • ScienceDesk works in cloud providing an API to your algorithms.


  • You can easily customize the ScienceDesk user interface to create SaaS products from your services.